How it works

How paint roller cleaner works

The Roller Wizard™ paint roller cleaning system can be used during any stage of a painting project, including freshening up the roller while painting, changing colors, and cleaning up after the painting is finished! This system can be used anywhere there is a water source with adequate drainage. Use with 9” long roller sleeves and up to 1” nap. Box contains: tank, hose with 2 rubber washers and faucet adapter.

paint roller cleaner spinner
1. Attach the hose to Roller Wizard manifold by turning brass fitting clockwise until tightly fitted (do not over tighten). Make sure brass fitting contains washers to prevent water leakage. (See Fig. 1)

dandy paint roller cleaner
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2. Place the Roller Wizard in the sink with the label towards you. Attach the faucet adapter to faucet by first removing the faucet aerator on your sink. The faucet adapter included will work with male or female threads. If this adapter does not work on your particular faucet consult local hardware or home center for help. (See Fig. 2) (Roller Wizard may also be used outside attached to a garden hose).
Adapter Installation Hint: Rotate adapter counter clockwise until you feel or hear a click, then turn clockwise until tight.

paint roller cleaner spinner
3. With roller sleeve still on the roller frame, open lid and insert roller frame into the hole from the front (label side) of the Roller Wizard. (See Fig.3)

paint roller cleaning device
4. Rotate roller handle until it fits into the notch on top of the tank and close lid. (See Fig. 4)

paint roller cleaning apparatus
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5. While holding the roller frame in your left hand, turn on warm or cold water (do not use hot). Roller frame must lay flat on the top and so that the roller sleeve does not hit the inside of the Roller Wizard tank. (See Fig. 5)

wagner paint roller cleaner
6. Rotate manifold with your right hand until roller sleeve spins. While roller sleeve is spinning, slowly move manifold down to clean entire length of roller. Reverse sleeve spin by rotating manifold in the opposite direction. Repeat up and down motion. Continue cleaning in both directions until water is clear. (See Fig. 6)

automatic paint roller cleaner
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7. For best results drying roller sleeve, the sleeve must spin clockwise. Rotate manifold so the roller sleeve is spinning clockwise as fast as possible. Maximum spin is achieved by having the water spray just touching the outside of the roller sleeve. With roller sleeve spinning, quickly rotate manifold counter-clockwise to deflect water spray from roller sleeve. Wait for roller to stop spinning, turn off water, open lid and remove roller. Roller sleeve will be slightly damp and ready to store or use again. (See Fig. 7)

spin out paint roller cleaner
Helpful Hints By placing the Roller Wizard paint roller cleaning system into the sink with the front label toward you, this will allow you to hold the paint roller in your left hand and move the manifold with your right. If you wish to use your right hand on the paint roller and the manifold with your left, turn the tank so the front label is away from you. Practice to see which position you prefer.
Read all instructions before using Roller Wizard.
Always wear eye protection (safety glasses).
Always use proper drainage - test the drain with running water BEFORE attempting to use the Roller Wizard.
Local disposal requirements vary; consult your sanitation depar tment or state designated environmental agency for disposal options.
Hot Water is NOT recommended - it will not decrease the cleaning process, and can damage the roller sleeve.
DO NOT use with oil-based paint. Roller Wizard can only be used with Latex water-based paint.
Roller Wizard should only be connected to a water supply with standard household water pressure.
Roller Wizard is intended for paint removal from paint roller sleeve ONLY.
If temperatures are below freezing, handle the Roller Wizard carefully - tank may crack in cold weather, especially if dropped or hit against another object.
Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for consequential or indirect damages or losses from the use of this product.
90 Day Limited Warranty
This warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship for up to 90 days after the original purchase of the Roller Wizard. We will replace the defective part or replace the entire tool, at our discretion. To make a warranty claim: Call FPC Corp. at 800-860-3838 for a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA).
Properly pack the Roller Wizard (in the original box, if possible), and clearly write the RMA number on the outside of the box.
Include your receipt (original or copy accepted), and the problem that you are having with the Roller Wizard.
Ship to FPC Corp., 355 Hollow Hill Drive, Wauconda, IL 60084. Warranty DOES NOT COVER any damage from
misuse, abuse or neglect. FPC Corp. expressly disclaims all responsibility for consequential or indirect damages or losses caused by use of the product.