Roller Wizard, A professional paint roller cleaning system

Introducing the ROLLER WIZARD™ - the best paint roller cleaning and drying system ever invented! This system is unlike any other product on the market today for cleaning paint rollers so easily and without mess.

ROLLER WIZARD™ uses jets of water to strip paint and debris out of your roller, and returns it to like-new condition in less than three minutes. You don't even have to remove the roller sleeve before cleaning!
  • This system easily works in a kitchen sink, laundry tub, janitors water closet or a floor drain.
  • Once you see how great the ROLLER WIZARD™ works, you won't believe you ever cleaned up a roller without one!
paint roller cleaning device
Saves Time:
  • Cleans & dries rollers in minutes
  • Allows for fast color changes
No Mess:
  • A self contained paint roller cleaning system
  • No splattering walls, sink or clothing
Save Money :
  • Reuse professional quality rollers again & again. Reduces risk of paint damage to clothing and furniture
Professional Painting Results:
  • The key to a professional paint job is a professional quality roller. Quality rollers result in a smoother finish, have better coverage, hold more paint and leave no lint behind. The Roller Wizard restores rollers to like-new condition.